red bubbles

red bubbles

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We had a happy weekend with birthday events. We had a party with many toddling friends and an extended visit from Josiah’s first best friend, Cat. We left Joel home to study accounting stuff (fun!)and we went to the GA Aquarium again. We found out that they had a playground and we rounded out our day frolicking inside tunnels and down a whale slide. Josiah grows more and more fond of his friend Cat and it warms my heart. It’s wonderful to have friends that enjoy my children as much as they enjoy me.

It’s been so fun also receiving postcards from Myra’s postcard swap. I still need to scan them in for you all to enjoy.

My painting class is a bit daunting because of the lack of consistent time to work. I’ve been nervous and sweating the situation. My paint arrived late, my prof was not at all friendly or helpful, and of course I have very…little…time. Ari offered to help me out with the kids. Ain’t it great how ATLblogs brings folks together. And with the Sarah Groves CD my dad gave me this weekend I have some nice beautiful music to concentrate my goals with. I had a couple great painting sessions this afternoon and tonight. I’m loving working with oils again. It’s like riding a bike. The colors are excellent and my heart is filled with praise to God just for the existence of such rich colors and textures. Even though I had to paint with Eden on my hip for part of the time, I felt productive and happy. We’ll see what Friday will hold. Introducing my kids to a new sitter, and enduring unstructured teaching and cliqueitude at school. God is good, he takes care of me.


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  1. you gave joanna a butterfly toy for christmas…i think it was you. anyhow, she loves it. right now she’s sitting in her infant seat talking to it…well, make that snoozing off to sleep. thanks. it’s brought a lot of joy the last couple days.

  2. hey, we were at the georgia aquarium this past sunday too! (though not until latelate afternoon). we were blown away, can’t wait to visit again and again. keep thinking our paths our bound to cross in these here parts… 🙂

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