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Self Portrait Tuesday’s theme this month is All of Me. Meaning not just the lovely bits but also the things that are ugly, annoying, dark, sad. Basically, stuff you might have a hard time putting on your blog (just in my opinion). I’m sure some folks will go deep and hog wild with it, but I’m gonna ease in slow.

This is me yesterday after Cat left and after Eden woke up. I had to work, I had to paint. I knew that if I didn’t do something desperate I would never get anything done for this class. I hooked up the heater in the garage, I brought out the stereo, brought out a play spot for Eden, put her in warm clothes and a hat and painted. Although it didn’t last long, I spent most of the time painting with Eden on my hip. My painting style allows it. It wasn’t easy. It sucked as a matter of fact. But just like exersizing after a long time not it should’ve been hard. Eden is a small baby, but she’s still heavy. I carried her on my back at the GA Aquarium for 4 hours people! I can hear Lynn groaning. I wasn’t enjoying holding her and painting.

But back to the picture. Besides my awkward circumstances I got great results. Praise God! But the pictures I took revealed something I hate. I hate my garage. It’s a mess. It’s full of things that reveal good and bad things about me. I’ve thought about spray painting the windows of the garage door white so you can’t see in. It lacks all organization, no storage solutions to help it. All junk, unwanted baby gifts, grown out of clothing, dirty camping stuff, old shoes, and scraps from out first weeks of fixing the house is out there. When I decided I had to oil paint I knew I couldn’t do it in the house, so out the garage I went to find a corner for a table and an easel. The light is horrible so I have a lamp. And yesterday, holy moses it was cold. My beautiful view over my easel is a mountain of diaper boxes that I can’t seem to throw away. I mean, dang, they’re good boxes with handles. And for how expensive diapers are, shouldn’t I keep the boxes? Anyway, that’s my somewhat lightweight submission/admission. Go now and find a project, and clean up afterwards!


3 thoughts on “Self Portrait tuesday

  1. Would Eden be happy in the backpack carrier while you painted? Just a thought. I’d DIE without my carrier, though I don’t use it around house like I did the Bjorn. Ellis likes it better than stroller, and frankly, it’s easier to maneuver. I use it every time I take the train somewhere.

  2. your garage looks like my office, we lived there for 3 years before I finally got it under control. At least it’s in your garage, I feel the same way about boxes, well I don’t feel anyway, just that I hate cutting them up for recycling so they sat until I moved, which added to the fun. Oh well. I was thinking when I saw the pictures of the Eden on your hip, how the heck is she getting anything done? I thought, Wow she is motivated! I would have given up and that’s just always how it is with me, I can’t tough it out. But good for you, at least you made progress.

  3. Katie, Thanks for the honesty about your life. I concur that writing it up on a blog seems dangerous somehow. But you persist where others (ME) have given up. I appreciate your persistence and encourage you to keep it up.
    I aslo wondered if you ever look at Makoto Fujimura ( . I find his reflections on art and life, history and conteporaneity, spirituality and material very interesting. I also both like his work and your own, and think you’d find his thinking an encouragement to your own.

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