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four jobs I’ve had:
summer camp gopher
sales clerk at the Choo Choo
glass blower apprentice
assistant manager at this college bookstore
these literally are THE four jobs I had before my most important job: Mama.

four movies I could watch over and over
say anything (always had a crush on John Cusack)
big lebowski
the matrix

four places I’ve lived
chatty TN
bergen norway
flinstone GA
may-retta GA

four TV shows I watch
law and order original (when joel lets me)
the shield (on DVD)
24 (also on DVD, back to back baby!)
sesame street (not by choice)

four places I’ve vacationed
prague czech rep
bergen norway
new orleans LA
san fran CA

four foods I love
avocado in various forms
vanilla fudge with brownie breyers
MPC pizza with garlic and artichoke
chimichangas from La Parilla

four sites I visit daily
my flickr
my blog (yeah I like to look at it)
my blogroll (are you on it?)

four albums I can’t live without
miseducation of Lauryn Hill
U2’s 2 latest
jason upton-faith

four places I’d rather be
scandinavia-to experience real snow
Chattanooga with my fam and friends
Hilton Head
Santa Barbara CA, cuz my husband dreams of it daily

four random items in my purse
box of candy hearts (josiah’s dry and clean rewards)
4 different Burts Bees products
empty mini tuperware container
3 different lipglosses

four people I’m tagging
kate M
jennie W
karen M


3 thoughts on “FOUR

  1. loved reading this list of yours… here are four things I have to say about your four things list:
    1. wow, glass blower apprentice? cool.
    2. huge crush on john cusack as well. could’ve added ‘say anything’ and ‘high fidelity’ to my movie list too.
    3. love the way you say may-retta. love it.
    4. gotta love the burt’s bees stuff. ain’t it grand?
    (p.s. may be organizing a (small) postcard swap here in the next 2-3 months… might you be interested?)

  2. kate

    Santa Barbara, eh? Jon REALLY needs to call Joel and he is anxiuos to….he just needs to stop and do it….I will help create that pause in his schedule this week……so pumped.

  3. Do you really like La Parilla more than Laredo’s in Kennesaw (Old 41 and Barrett Pkwy.)? Their chimichangas will be served at the marriage supper of the lamb.
    I enjoy your blog…

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