Oil Paint Nip Tuck

february 157.jpg
Here’s my latest. Doesn’t have anything like a title, because it’s barely on the canvas. I battled with this canvas and it’s still pretty gross, but I was really wanting to make it collage-like anyway so mabye I can cover up the boo-boos with some paper and stuff. I had the hardest time with the face because the original picture has the womans face pointing upward. I didn’t mean to make her confrontational, but it works. I had to keep moving her eyes, eybrows and cheekbones around. I think I finally got the structure down but she needs some serious touch-ups. Just stuff like shading and muscle configuration are still way off. It’s a bit grotesque to keep wiping of a face and put it back on, makes me feel like a plastic surgeon. Here’s some detail:
february 161.jpg
Check out more detail here.
Got a phone call from Brian Taylor, assistant Prof of Art at Shorter, and he has scheduled me for a November 06 art show. I’ll be showing with an alumnus (?) Martie Moore who teaches here in Marietta. Of course, being a college they plan really far ahead, but it’s still very exciting. I have to give an artists talk. So mark your calendars! November 2-17 Katie Ward Knutson at Shorter College! Wonder what pieces will be around by then!


6 thoughts on “Oil Paint Nip Tuck

  1. Laurie

    I like the “confrontational” look of the woman seated. I think it works well with the torso in the background with her hands on her hips. Makes you wonder what they are discussing…

  2. Jim and Beth Ward

    With the Chatt show behind you, you have a fair number of show-ready pieces.
    We’re excited for you!

  3. With each painting you do, it seems that more and more of your “voice” comes through, katiek’s unique style. Good job! I really like the composition of this one. And the reds and blues.

  4. hiya k. i do so “heart” your new paintings. i have picked the brush-paint up for the mojo show and wanted to post the pic of “one growth” you took when i was down in atl a while ago. couldn’t find it in your archives/flickr and wanted to know if i could use the foto. thanks and keep up the hard work of building a vision for us to see through your eyes. it is a powerful experience sharing all it with you. c.

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