I love Thursdays

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Joy has been telling everyone what she loves throughout the month of February. And everyone was so jazzed by her experiment that we’ve all started another day of celebration. The “I love” Thursdays. It seems fun enough. I mean don’t we all share this stuff on these blogs things anyway? So my first entry is: I love making gifts. These little beauties are for Phineas Perkins. Lynn picked out which colors she liked and I quick made them this afternoon. They’re so tiny!! But since my boys feet are like off the charts, I guess anything looks tiny. I guess if they get too small I can whip up another pair before the end of May. I love making something that goes so perfectly for someones situation. I hate coming to Christmas time and not having the perfect thing. And I could go without any gifts for myself if I knew I had scored the bestest present ever for someone and with little or no moola. Having small kids definately prevents me from making as many little things as I want, but on the flip-side, having small kids gives me an excuse for making groovy little things like wool felt slip on shoes!
A little bit of joy in a few wool felt scraps! Here’s the bottoms:
ebay 026.jpg
Not so hot with how they came out, but with the felt pilling I think they will be less bold in a little while. They are puff painted on, which gives the non-skid effect cuz we know that Phin is going to have to learn how to run pretty fast to keep from getting love tackled by his brothers.


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