I love Stencils

february 194.jpg “Things I love Thursdays” entry I wanted to share my love for stencils. I can hardly not use them, they are in stacks next to my paints. When they get to worn out, I fix them to my canvases. Some are the pricely art store kind, some are the $2.99 version from office supply places or Target. I moved on to stencils because I was screwing up my rubber stamps by painting them with acrylic. Quick way to destroy your alphabet! I used foam letters made for kids but they just didn’t hold paint opaque enough and when they did they didn’t wash out. I used to just use them with paint but I started using them with tile caulk so know the letter stick out even after I paint over them. It’s a great mixed media technique and another great way to put subliminal messages in my work. the next time you have a chance to see a Katie Ward Knutson painting up close look down the side and you may just see a bunch of nappy, gnarly letters telling you something! Here’s a shot of the Funky T. Destined for greatness that letter T.


2 thoughts on “I love Stencils

  1. ooo thanks for reminding me of all the great ways to utilize stencils. i feel overwhelmed by all the options, you’ve mastered the technique! be on the eyespy for a little sumpin comin down your’s way! love you.

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