Self Portrait Tuesday

Eden in the afternoon

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Me and my girl. I am so blessed to have a daughter. She makes me reflect in so many different ways than my realtionship with Josiah. She’s growing up so fast, before I know it she’ll be 14. She’s a beautiful girl, I won’t be shy about that. She has her Papa’s eyelashes and clear blues. I love just putting her in a snuggly sweatshirt and pants. But something is also so glorious about baby thighs in tights too! I have this wonderful sense that my relationship with her will be so much of a friendship. I feel her independance from me so soon. I have treated her this way. There will be a time when I wish she had clung to me even more, but now as she is breaking in tooth 3 and 4 I enjoy the snuggles (not so much the crying). I love to show her things, feed her new things and watch her interact with her brother even though he knocks her over again and again. She reacts like a girl, sees life as a girl and I hate to say it but she gets the attention of a girl. what a look into her future. I guess this post isn’t so much about me, but in a way my kids are always a little about me in the end. Thank you Lord for my pretty Eden B.