A Sunny Day at the Thrift Store

march 06 121.jpg
The Pods go marching on and on Hoorah, Hoorah! Here are my paper pod series livening up my kitchen window sill waiting for frames and better light. Check them out on my flickr. I need to make an IKEA run and get some frames for these guys. Chances are these will be a tad more expensive because they have more love in them. I like them because they are more mixed media and have more ethnic flair to them (like Pier One–HA!).
Found some booty at the thrift store today. I mainly was killing some time before meeting Joel for lunch outside. Still a bit too windy though. Found too many purses. It’s sad that I long to be hip yet my hippy side jumps up and bites me in the tookus all the time.
march 06 106.jpg
This little 3 some was fun. It’s orange, I like that.
march 06 107.jpg
Pattern is gaudy and I kinda like that. It’s lined with plastic which makes me think I might make the straps waaay shorter and use this group as a vanity set. It’s got a lined coin purse and a kleenex holder, heck the bright green kleenex was still in there!
march 06 108.jpg
The next purse I found was a cool little gap bag that was itching to get snatched up because of course it’s too small to be the bag I need it to be, but it goes so well with my new Walmart shoes!
march 06 109.jpg
march 06 114.jpg
This is where the grandma/hippy came out of me. I liked the homemadeness of this bag. I like the wooden buttons, the red trim. This bag might have to become a diaper bag one day.
march 06 116.jpg
But this is my favorite because it did not come from A-Z thrift store it came from Emma, my Swedish sister! She remembered me and sent me this cool double sided coin purse. From a country that uses a lot more coins than ours.
OK enough about fuddy-duddy quilted purses. Here is my latest in progress Metro III. I am wishing to have it done for Friday. That, and a website. I love the image, I just have to force myself to not rush the oils, they muddy so quickly.
march 06 120.jpg


3 thoughts on “A Sunny Day at the Thrift Store

  1. what do you mean “that and a website,” are you designing a new website or am i just a dunce? your own domain? seriously? am i reading it all wrong? the painting looks fantastic, so far so good.

  2. girl, that’s a serious thrift store score…! where’d you hit? and I’m so loving those shoes (wal-mart? really?).
    but most importantly, your work rocks it.

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