Things I Love Thursday

march 06 104.jpg
I took this picture by accident the other night and I just love my little bit of blonde. Of course, I am not naturally blonde much at all. I have some self streaking help. But my whole life I’ve had the “light” characteristics. I have fairer skin than my brother. The blue eyed freak in my family and I have light brown hair rather than dark. Mouse brown. I like that I can lighten it just a bit. I did like the John Freida product called Sheer Blonde that highlighted in the sun and it was gel so unlike the unholy Sun-in, you could control where and how much. Commiting to hair coloring has been painful for me. I enjoy my little blondes, but not how much I’ve done. I have to wear my hair certain ways to hide the boo-boos. I bought some henna from Harry’s and I might just brown out for the next few months and get my hair warmed up for the spring/summer so it can come back out and play blonde again all healthy and fresh.
I wanted to have something more fun but there’s plenty of Thursday love to spread around for all eternity!
Chek out the group here.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. ha. My natural highlights are reddish. I use that explain my freak blue-eye’s freak strawberry blond. It’s a good thing he looks like us…

  2. I am tentatively toying with the idea of giving myself highlights (and I dig that streak you’re currently working). I got a little on the crazy side with the highlights a couple years back and had to stop and let my hair be its’ naturally dark brown self. but now I’m itching for some highlights and can’t really afford the services of my own stylist so… I’m contemplating a home job. any tips?
    and yo, sun-in just screams sixth grade to me… I used it all summer long and ended up with bright orange hair… and so not in a good new wave/punk rock sort of way at all… 🙂

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