Self Portrait Tuesday

march 06 150.jpg
Self Portrait Tuesday is about time, so here’s my AM and PM in the hall bath. The bathroom where little potty lives and many bath toys are strewn about. The bath where towels belong on pegs not bars and the linoleum tile is the cheapest that the hardware store has to offer. It is here that I chopped my hair off this morning. I didn’t mean to chop it so much, but it had to be even and hey, it’s just hair. It’ll always grow back.
march 06 154.jpg
Here’s that bath after Eden has a peaceful dip in the sink (I can’t believe my 10 month old can still fit in the sink). And we have a good hairbrushing, Tylenol dispersing, and snuggle before we nurse and sleep. My hair’s not so bad, it’s been this short before.


4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. andrea

    Love the hair…and I thought I was the only crazy one in this world that cut their own hair. Looks fantastic.
    Also wanted you to know, I linked you. I followed the comment you wrote and I checked out your art…made me suck my breath in. Its amazing. You are a fantastic painter.

  2. Love the passage of time pic and think the hair looks great. I just got a bob yesterday…the hairdresser told me they are in for spring…so now you’re at the height of fashion šŸ˜‰
    I hope the show went well and you sold your art.

  3. well, from what I can tell, your hair is looking pretty good. and now I don’t feel so bad about going at my bangs with my own scissors.
    nice take on the spt… like the am/pm concept.

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