Things I love Thursday

march 06 171.jpg
I love paint. I love it’s attributes, it’s texture and color. I love the flip top lids and the impossible to screw back on screw top caps. I love squishing the tube from the middle, I like thwacking the bottom of the bottle to get the glob at the bottom. I love sticking my brush right on the edge and blending it around. I love taking a big ole brush and grabbing a wad of it and smearing it on good and with no restraint. I love painting with my fingers, with pieces of paper, with the end of the brush. And I love puff paint. Hmmm, so many other things to go on there.
I have painting class tommorow and my painting Celebrate Beauty is in a sorry state of disrepair. I have worked 3 days on this painting and the thing is driving me batty. I’m going to have to give it another vacation and not look at it for a little while.
Here’s why I love paint, my small success Metro 3:
march 06 177.jpg
Ok, waaaay tired. Catch you guys after class.


7 thoughts on “Things I love Thursday

  1. andrea

    I squeeze from the middle too and then end up having to cut the tube in half to get more paint out. Great post and I love your Metro piece. Beautiful!

  2. Paint reminds me of my childhood. My Mom. Looking for birds in an oil painting.
    And my bio-dad. The first painting he ever did was of lemons. It’s hanging in my kitchen. Besides genetics, it’s all I have from him.

  3. critique

    The painting is great. Only one thing… you need to work on the figure a little more…
    2 problems:
    1. the figure looks like he has a load in his pants
    (just give some more light between his legs – make the light shine through closer up to his crotch)
    2. looks like he’s going to fall backwards (perhaps draw a right hand swinging at his side. It will balance his left food stepping forward).
    Other then that… its great.

  4. The street lights in the middle are really wonderful, I even clicked on the image to get a closer look of just that area. My eyes are so drawn to them, it looks great!

  5. Katie, I love this piece as well ! I can’t get enough of returning to your site to look over again at all your works ! { I’m not crazy or anything, well maybe who knows really ?! šŸ™‚ } Is this piece for sale ? I will keep your other paintings in mind and your offer to do the commission of the “Big Pods”. Thanks !

  6. Gypsy

    Keep forgetting to tell you how much I like Metro 3 – when I look at it I can almost feel and hear the atmosphere of the painting.

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