Wonders of Spring

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It only takes one small visit to someones house that doesn’t have small children to realize my house is gross. Let me be the first to say that the extra 500 sq feet I have in house (not including garage, porches and basement) that I didn’t have in my former apartment almost 3 years ago, is enough to be an abyss of uncleanliness. Of course, my son was not walking when we moved in and now I affectionately call Josiah “Josiah the Destroyer” because the moment I clean something or put something away Wah-Lah it’s out, it’s dirty, it’s craziness! My little daughter will soon be adding to the chaos since she is 11 months old. I can’t believe that, 11 months.
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Anyway, my pysche goes through a maze of emotions. Denial first of all, then grief. But I feel I must do something everyday. Cleaning the highchair is the minimum. Last night my weary bones at 11pm was washing my floors and after doing that I bought Murphy’s Oil Soap for my hardwoods this morning. You can’t just clean them with anything ya know. Our master bath is small, I’m not really complaining about that except it’s just a little bit too small to clean comfortably. A broom, a mop they basically just clank around in their looking for a smooth stroke. But today I did it. I cleaned my 2 upstairs baths. I did the showers (which I HATE HATE to do) and the toilets (which do get cleaned often, thanks to potty training) the mirrors, the floors and even the little shelves that have rings of cough syrup and toothpaste creating lovely patterns no one can see but me. But my moment of pride was I removed the former toilet set in the master bath and put in a shiny new white seat and lid. Who knew it takes 5 minutes! The house came with a black, padded seat. Yep, you can visualize, no need for the grusome photo. It matched the black non-skid swan stickers in the bath tub. Those have been fun to remove one by one.
It came to me that I was cleaning, in the spring. Whatdoyaknow! I still have to vacuum my tiny carpet in the living room to make this weeks straightening complete.
So here’s to the Spring! It’s lovely wind, green and pollen to go with it. I no longer have 1,000 dead ladybug carcasses on my bathroom floor!


5 thoughts on “Wonders of Spring

  1. Laurie

    So freakin’ jealous as I have ‘the big clean’ scheduled for Thursday. Maybe you’re still on your cleaning high and want to come do my house?!? No?

  2. I can relate to being wrapped up with the every day creating of art works, laundry, dishes and trying to bake for the children and then all of the sudden stop and say, “gee I haven’t cleaned the floor in a VERY long time”, hummm”. I could go on…anyway, I love your works ! Blessings to you and your sweet family ! Children grow very fast, enjoy !

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