Another distraction, Another Meme

The Five Must Have’s Meme:
In my fridge:
1. Milk. The skinny kind for me, the not so skinny for everyone else.
2. Something green. Brocolli, spinach, lettuce (the green kind). Avocado (not always in the fridge)
3. Apple juice for Josiah
4. Beer for Joel
5. Tofu. These days Eden will eat it with assorted marinades.
In my closet:
1. Jeans. I look good in them, so there they are.
2. My black studded belt.
3. Hoodies. Those for home and those for going out.
4. Shoes. All over the place. I never thought of myself as a shoe whore, but since the thrift stores are so good, I’ve found some cuties. From my Rocket Dogs, to my corduroy Doc boots, to my Dr. Scholls wooden sandles…
5. Target Tees is various colors.
In my purse:
1. wallet
2. phone
3. shades. although my cheapo pair just broke. My Eyes!!!
4. lotion
5. crackers for the kiddies
march 06 163.jpg
In my car:
1. ipod mini and adapter
2. two car seats. One of which will be replaced very soon.
3. Two empty Starbucks cups. One for water, one for latte that I had on my morning drive.
4. stroller and baby back pack.
5. And now that it’s spring, picnic blanket!!
In my Tivo:
Well, I don’t have a Tivo (thank God, or I’d be in a bad way) we are online DVD junkies. So all the TV shows are on disc whenever we want to watch em.
1. Law and Order (the original only baby!)
2. Office (the British kind IS the best although we are Steve Corbell fans)
3. That 70’s show reruns
4. art 21
5. Seinfeld, of course.


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  1. i just love catching up with your april updates. each one of you contribute so much to that family. it is awesome. i can’t wait to see you. and ah-i wrote you an email…have a fantastic spring!!!!

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