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For those of you that are dying of curiosity about what happened when I actually went back to the High with my kids to see the Chuck Close show, here ya go. I went to the front desk to check in and I told the folks there what had happened to me. Their eyes got kinda wide as I told them “I was escorted out”. “were they loud?” They asked “Not any more than they are right now.” But to make a long story short, they were perplexed as to why I was shown the door, except that I mentioned Chuck was being interviewed. Then they seemed to know all “That must be why! they wanted to keep you from running into Chuck being interviewed” then I said “Uh, well I walked right past him and it was a full 10 min later that I was asked to leave” They still seemed kinda confused, and welcomed me to see the exhibit, which I did. I wanted to emphasize to the folks at the desk that I was very embarassed and I didn’t want that to happen again!
But yes, the exhibit was very cool. I kept a death grip on Josiah’s hand and talked with him about the art the whole time to keep him occupied. I told him that the man in the picture’s name was Chuck, so at every painting we saw we said “Hi Chuck!” The large portraits that they have on all the promo material was very impressive, I mean, very cool. I’ve seen some of his work up close before but these were beautiful. I then realized that even though I do not do large portraits of myself, I use Chuck’s style with color, shapes and lines. I felt that bond with his work and if I had both hands free, I would have moved more freely and gotten as close to the work as the guards would let me. Traced his brushstrokes with my finger and taken more mental notes of his color combos. I loved the purples, I don’t remember noticeing the purples before. Chuck made holograms of his face that you can only see at an adult’s eye level. Josiah, along with the other couple kids that were in that exhibit couldn’t see it. I lifted Josiah up to show him and said “Boo! Hi Chuck!” He thought it was hilarious! We had to do it over and over. The guards looked restless and so was Eden. It was a nice time and we enjoyed an activity with others coloring in simple imitations of Chuck’s face.
april 06 015.jpg
The last painting class I went to we had a discussion about professional portfolios. I brought my book because I thought it would finally be a good opportunity to show Robert my work and get feedback. It was definately an ego stroking experience. I have a good 7 years on some of these students worth of work. Robert said I had “a kick ass web site” well I dunno about that, but thanks! I got the “wow, you have alot of work!” and “your work has great continuity” and of course being artists themselves, they liked my nudes and my painting style. He used my book as an example, along with his little buddy’s book to show similarities and differences. His buddy wants to get to grad school. Me, not so much. All this to say I had some wonderful dialogue with my classmates about what to do for images and where I get my subject matter. I like this because it gives me an opportunity to bring light to such a wierd and twisted way of communicating with art. I believe in communicating beauty and hope even with non-perfect images. I quick popped Robert an email about Atlanta galleries and I look forward to having a discussion with him about which galleries to persue. Please check out my website as I will be adding a works in progress gallery, new, better images and updates on shows.
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  1. we’re going to get to the high one of these days… can you stand to see the chuck close exhibit again…?
    (so great talking to you on the phone the other day, katie… so great!)

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