Pods and Progress

Pod Show copy.JPG
pod show2 copy.JPG
All these pods are available for sale!! Some are already in my shop. Click on the pics to see them larger.
april 06 046.jpg
Garden Blessing in progress. This pod painting is big folks!
april 06 047.jpg
My class is participating in the “Art of Dining”. We paint on plates and they auction them off. Its at a pretty reputable gallery. I just hope I can get this one done for the deadline on Friday.


5 thoughts on “Pods and Progress

  1. Dad

    I love the pod picture you gave me for my 56th. It is sitting on the piano in a plce of honor.
    Thanks for all the love that flows from your work!

  2. Lovin’ the new pod pieces. I’m asking for one as a Mther’s Day gifty from my family 🙂 Love the plate too. You’ll have to let us know how much it goes for.

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