Self Portrait Tuesday

january 06 158.jpg
Self Portrait Tuesday is about being silly. In the vein of April Fools. I’m sure that we all have loony pictures of us doing stuff with our kids. I love this felt hat so much I can’t wear out these pictures! The theme of Toddler Thursday was Robert Smith, I think, who did work with felt. Large, looping pieces of felt. I had to keep Josiah from stepping on it when we went to see the permanent collection at the High. Well, I made this hat and it became Josiah’s 3rd birthday hat. He didn’t want to wear it at first, but he’s warmed up to it by now.
march 06 032.jpg
He’s still the age where if I tell him it’s cool, he agrees most of the time. So go take a silly picture and make me laugh!


One thought on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. oh wowwowwowwow! LOVE these hats! missing out on so much… miss toddler thursdays at the high so much. favorite thing that we (me and ava) ever made there was the coolest little paper/wire mobile. we were learning about alexander calder, I think. 🙂

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