Things I love Thursday

Yeah I know it’s Friday, SO WHAT!
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I love Bikes! These beautiful days where you just can’t not be outside for some part of it makes me long for material things, namely something to tote my kids around in so I can ride my bike. We live vey close to the Silver Comet Trail here in the ATL area, and we try whenever we can to go there. We went last weekend and it just ain’t fair that I’m huffin’ along with a broken umbrella stroller and Joel is dutifully biking v e r y slow with Josiah in the bike seat. Biking was great when it was just the three of us. We’d cruise around with Josiah on the bike giggling with glee. We spend any energy we had on our regular trip to Hilton Head Is. on our bikes riding on the beach and looking at the amazing houses around the “private beaches”. And the Silver Comet made the summer seem not as hot when your wizzing down hill keeping the gnats out of your teeth. My Swinn doesn’t accomidate the other bike seat my parents got Joel for Christmas. Joel worked and worked to get it on and no success. So now we are looking for the more cumbersome version: the trailor. I’m not totally opposed to this because it would give us the other option: a double stroller. I don’t mind huffin’ down the Silver Comet, or another park with a good double stroller. It’s just I’d rather be riding my bike, with Joel, and the kids on the back giggling with glee. Maybe when we move to California we’ll sell my bike, get one that fits the seat. But wait, kids grow right? Maybe Josiah will max out the 45lb limit before we know it and we’ll get him his own little Huffy.
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I’ve never been an outdoorsy type, Joel has brought it out of me slowly the past 10 years I’ve known him. The beauty of it is, it’s free. Once you buy that contraption, bike, stroller, snowbord, skateboard, rollerskates, unicycle, you have it and you can go go go until your waaay tired. I love my daughter, but I long to get her and Josiah out with us on bikes. It hasn’t happened yet and I can’t wait much longer. My wallet’s going to have to, freecycle just doesn’t give away bike trailors!
Feel the love.


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  1. kate

    Can’t wait to see you guys either! We are really looking forward to it! We just bought Judah a bike from REI….he LOVES it! See you guys soon!

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