Beautiful for a moment

april 06 066.jpg
We spent Easter Sunday with Joel’s grandparents and sister, along with Amy’s bf Josh and Josh’s sister Amy. Since the kids were all beautiful for a moment, I wanted to snap some pictures. Eden is wearing the white dress that my grandmother smocked for her. This is the third time she’s worn it and I imagine she’ll wear it again and again since a very fat hem is included. Mom says that smocked dresses have a great ambiguous shoulder line so a newborn through a two year old can wear them. Good thing, because my kids only get this pretty a few times a year!
My prettiness on my flickr.
april 06 082.jpg
Oma and the sacrificial Lamb cake. She made us a killer meal. It was probably us that should have been serving her.
april 06 054.jpg
Here’s the finished plate for “Art of Dining” I hear whether it got in or not sometime this week. The photo is a little too bright, it washes out some of the color, but I literally took the photo on my way to class. Title “Balm of Gilead”.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful for a moment

  1. Katie, The pics of your children are adorable.I absolutely love the white smocked dress, gorgeous ! Some of us are so blessed to have family, especially during the special times, such as Easter ! I always stop to think of those people without any family. Your Plate is beautiful, really beautiful. I have used 1800’s hymn book paper in some of my mixed media works. I love that you used text, with meaning in your plate ! šŸ™‚

  2. your children are gorgeous no matter what, those eyes, their baby skin, the orange glow! and the whole “art of dining” thing, along with your plate reminds me of judy whatshername’s thingy. but your work is 200x more inspirational and thought provoking. love

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