Self Portrait Tuesday

april 06 086.jpg
This is the April Fool’s theme for Self Portrait Tuesday. This photo is “When you want to wear your flip-flops but yours are upstairs and the hungry kids are downstairs” I put on Joel’s size 10 1/2 flip flops and try not to fall out of them. They are comfy though because they’re Tevas and most of mine are thrift store rejects or Target variety. When I thought of this theme I thought of how I must look. My hair tied up so I can see past my bangs, my jeans rolled up because my ankles are hot. Hot ankles? Why yes, they do get toasty. My apron and Joel’s huge flip-flops. There ya go, it gets the job done.
A happy day has arrived! Joel’s brother Nathan and his wife had a healthy baby boy this morning. 8lbs, 7oz 2 weeks early. Whew! What’s up with these big Knutson boys! Kaden Russell Knutson. Congrats Nate and Laura!


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. i also wear kirk’s flipper-floppers all the time. they’re more comfy than mine too. the funniest is all the time i walk out the door to go shopping, etc. and get to the car before i realize i ought to put on my own shoes.

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