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I love looking at people’s refrigerater doors! I think they tell alot about the people you’re hanging out with. You get to meet their family and friends. You get to peek into their lives without asking awkward questions. I like that your fridge door can be a collage in process of practical and beautiful things. As I look at my fridge door now it’s actually pretty boring. Somethings have been there for a long time and others will be removed very soon. Mostly my fridge door contents are determined by how strong my magnets are. I loved putting Josiah’s artwork on the fridge but the magnets would only hold one piece of paper.On the side of the fridge I have a hearty clip that holds several works of art. I have other lovely bits that come and go because they make me happy. I love the picture of my friend Sofia in Africa. I’ve never been there and honestly I don’t think I will go soon, but I love to see her pale face with these beautiful Massai(sp?) women. I love to be reminded there is more in this world than me. I had a “Jesus elske alle barne” flier up for ages. It’s “Jesus loves the little children” in Norwegian. And also a doodle/art piece from Kelly that has the caption “our times are in your hands”. These things will probably never be things I frame, or even put in a scrapbook, but they are daily elements that give me pause as I make oatmeal at 7:45am everyday. My fridge becomes an inspiration board of sorts. It is a gallery, a play area,a photo album, a chalkboard, a bulletin board, a journal, and sometimes a blank canvas needing new fresh pretties to adorn it. So blogworld, I’d love to see your fridge doors! Some I know are photo albums (like Lynn’s) and some are elaborate works of art (like Cat’s). Some are bulletin boards and scrapbooks (like Kirk and Sarah’s and my Ma’s. Just a peep, it’s just a step futher in, not asking to see what’s inside, although that might be a good topic too. hehehe.
Feel the love.


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  1. Katie, I received the note card today in the mail ! I love the way you wrapped it with the clear and then had the map behind it, very interesting ! I love the card !!! I’m going to frame it for sure. Thanks a bunch ! Ps/love the stamps as well !
    Sheri 🙂

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