april 06 119.jpg
Celebrate Beauty cropped and altered, I think it’s almost done, it’s supposed to be by friday morning. I’m thinking about adding extra canvases to make a multi paneled composition. Oil and acrylic on canvas, it was about 34″x38″, now it’s 28″x 30″. I think it might be crooked, and the colors in this picture are wierd, that’s what I get for not using photoshop to help the contrast. Give me notes peeps!


2 thoughts on “Cropped

  1. i am glad to see you’ve changed this painting. i couldn’t see through it, as if there wasn’t enough positive vs. negative space. i think painting over the other female (left) was a good decision. it makes the painting look cleaner/fresh. not as muddy. i really like what you’ve done with the paper stencil and bottles/details. there are still some awkward spaces, ie the top left hand section the reds or pinks all kind of clash and the objects are less detailed. but i think it is 100% improved and love the direction and cropped figure!!! really love it. thanks for calling me too. i missed it though. oh well.

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