Self Portrait., um…Wednesday

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May is for introduction thanks to the newly improved spiffy SPT website!
I’m 29, in the ATL area, I have a wonderful husband of 7 years, 2 kiddies: Josiah 3years, and Eden 1 year. Am am an artist, a painter, I try to show my work as much as possible. I’m going to school to get my BFA, one class at a time.
I love Jesus, he’s my personal savior. I don’t think I would make it through a day without His grace and peace in my life. I am constantly reminded of what being a pefect parent is when I need my Heavenly Father to take care of me.
Here’s a good way to introduce myself:
A Five Meme!

Five minutes to yourself:
-check my email
-do a quick sweep of scattered clothing and gather together
-drink something refreshing
Five bucks to spend:
-Starbucks latte or mocha
-couple pair of shoes at the thrift store
-a cute tee on clearance
-a nice pen
-picture frame for pod at IKEA
Five things to part with right now:
-my coffee table
-my virus ridden desktop
-a couple strollers
-my Volvo Wagon
-an empty futon frame
Five items you couldn’t part with:
-my comfy couches
-my thrift store jcrew jeans
-my camera
-my (gulp) laptop, tee-hee
Five words you love:
-“my dawgs are barkin”
-“no big woof”
-“H, I, larious!”


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  1. love learning more about you. 🙂 (now if my life could just slow down for two seconds, we might actually get to hang out and talk about all this stuff in person).

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