My One and Only Love

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Joel and I have been married 7 years today. Whenever our anniversary rolls around I wish I had loads of sweet photos of us on our wedding day, but alas I never have many scanned. These past 7 years have been quick. Especially the last 4. Joel is a constant support, a clever, hilarious guy. He is gentle, honest, loving. He is a dreamer but has so much common sense it’s a perfect combo! He loves Jesus and his children and he takes care of me so well!
As we drove home from Chattanooga last night we found it very difficult to talk over Josiah’s tired complaints and Eden’s bored shrieks. I swear my daughter peels years off of my life when she hits those glass breaking tones! We talked about his dreams, and about the last 7 years. I love to see him thrive and I have gotten used to his dreams and the organic way the path God has for him is forming. Our 7 years have been exciting and loving. We’ve been quite a team and we still are with our two little ones.
I’ve been feeling extra emotional this past week. Several things have been effecting me more than usual. But mostly it’s been thinking of the future and God has been working on me. Trying to give my children’s future, my selfish desires, my financial peace, my husband’s livlihood, and everything in between to God. I feel like I’m slowly being drained of all my nervous energy and being shown lights on a dark path, being shown that things are working and that my life is worth more than the little in’s and out’s.


2 thoughts on “My One and Only Love

  1. Dad

    Joel IS a good man. We are happy for you both as your love is tested and stands the test, like with little children.
    I am praying that you all will find a worshipping community where the kids can grow in the Lord and where you are nurtured as well.
    It’s easy to get dry.
    Have a great time out west.
    Love, Dad.

  2. Happy anniversary!!
    There’s nothing like staring 30 in the face and realizing that you still don’t know what you’re doing with your life, or you think you know, but you have now idea how it’s going to happen, and if that’s what you should be doing anyway. 😛 Hoping you guys find the answers and direction for your next step.

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