Self Portrait

may 06 135.jpg
This is me. I’m a Mama 24/7. A mama that got a full body Swedish massage and a facial last night. I sat with two kindred spirits who share motherhood and anniversary dates with me and sipped pomegranate martinis and ate things that are waaaay off my very flexible diet these days. A evening that was almost not something I deserve. As I strolled through the Avenues with my two kids this morning I realized I had tasted a little bit of the fancy pants rich life with my pampered treatment last night. When I looked at the Ann Taylor dresses in the windows and thought “I should learn to sew a dress like that” I was brought back down to earth. I’m not rich, I have no prospect of being rich but I have the prospect of change and new beginnings. I have pleasantly sore muscles from being worked over, and I have a new appreciation for being treated like I was. Because I look at my reflection in my thrift store jeans and my absolute fave t-shirt (which just so happens to have 3 paint stains on it, and both armpits have holes in them) and I feel like myself. I look at my two children who are blessedly red-headed, and super cute in their thrift store clothes, and I know that when I am without these super-cute accessories I feel a little bit off kilter.


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  1. This is a really great picture Katie ! Too cute ! 🙂 It’s great when artist use a mix of surfaces to create on ! I too have painted some t-shirts, pillows, purses in my time.Fun stuff !

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