A piece of time

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My daughter with Nally the dog. Nally was trained to be a guide dog, but she failed one test and now is the family pet. We were spolied royaly by Joel’s Aunt and Uncle. Not just because they bought us way too many meals, opened up their home, and let us drive their Honda Odyssey anywhere we wanted, but they took our kids for two whole days do we could do what we wanted. This was supreme awesome time. It’s amazing how quickly you fall into mommy and daddy mode and forget how to be alone together.
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The first day we were a bit rusty. We took a long bike ride and strolled around Huntington beach, so pretty and exhilerating to get some excersize. Huntington Beach is a bit like the mall though. Full of kiddies dressed in their sexy beach best stalking each other. I didn’t really fit in with my bike riding gear on.
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It was cool seeing all the surfers, they left special marks along the boardwalk. I finally figured out the wierd wet footprints were from the surfers walking the wetness off to their cars. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages too. It was cool seeing the dog beach. Just folks with their pooches throwing balls and frisbees and picking up poop.
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We rounded off that day by going to Cottage Art to check out the beautiful Indian clothing. Oh man, I could wear peasent shirts ALL THE TIME, but alas I can’t afford them all the time. SO many pretty things. Joel got bored so we left and we got Bobas.
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That’s a drink with tapioca balls at the bottom. Kinda good, kinda gross. We opted for the ice coffee without boba the next time. A lot cheaper than Starbucks!!
That’s chapter one. Maybe I’ll get around to writing more as all the experiences sink in. After such an action packed vacation, I need catch up time to slow down and enjoy my home, my space and the things I am planning for the future. More goodies from my trip here.


4 thoughts on “A piece of time

  1. wowwowwow! looks like it was an INCREDIBLE trip… just talked to an old high school friend who lives in LA, she’s wanting me to come out for a visit (like she’ll have to twist my arm, I’m DYING to go)… reading this, seeing your pics has me itching for a jaunt out west. 🙂
    (by the way, I have such a thing for peasant blouses… I’m so with you)

  2. Yeah, Krista, it is funny. I can find all the Gap t’s I want at AtoZ thrift for $2 each, but new cute “peasant” shirts are $20 a pop!!

  3. Kim Peterson

    Hi Katie!
    Your blog is so impressive…
    Are you guys going to be able to make it to the reunion this weekend? I’m trying to get a final count.
    Hope you can make it!
    Kim Bevil Peterson

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