Tormented and Calm

So I got myself into a hairy conversation on a forum about art and the 2nd commandment on CC’s alum site. Shoulda known when good ole GB was posting a controversial topic I should run, run far away. But no! I am an artist! I believe in defending an artist’s rights! I do not believe it is wrong to paint a picture of Jesus. But according to this article, I am wrong! I wrote that I felt stupid because this debate makes my head spin. And without insulting me, GB told me I had not read enough, studied enough, and said that my artwork would suffer if I did not do those things. In another sideways manner, he told me that I was doing my children detriment by not reading them the Heidelberg Catechism. Well, how does he know what I read them. He probably wouldn’t like to know were I stand on speaking in tongues either. So after I was very very angry and fumed, felt inadequate, felt betrayed by the only denomination I’ve ever known, cried in protest I went to sleep and woke up to realize that God had made me to be an artist that wants to redeem the art world and there will be Christians that stand in my way as well. I’m not going to fight with GB, I will be kind and do my thang. I will try to read more so I will not feel so stupid next time around.
ritz drawing in.JPG
My mom come down today to bring me stuff and to find a good pair-o-shoes. It was a happy reunion with some of my work I haven’t seen since October. It’s hard though, it gets sent away so that it will sell and become a joyful work of art to someone else. I literally went around my whole garage, which is walled in all around, and nailed nails to hang all the paintings that have been sitting in a corner harboring the millipedes. It’s kinda crazy really, seeing all my paintings hung salon style in my garage. The colors are consistent, the nudes look nice next to each other. Believe me, I’ve hung as many paintings as I can inside my house were the climate is more controlled, but one runs out of room! I have the possibility of a show at Radial as early as July but it’s set now for October. In November they will be at Shorter College. In the in between periods I visit with them like children who have left the nest. I examine their texture, remember their flaws, but mostly I sigh that one day they will be gone forever and I will not welcome them home again. So I touch them and move them from one room to the other (maybe to my garage salon). If you want to see all my art in one place, nows the time to do it!
I have 5 new pods up in my etsy shop. For those of you that like “Pod with Stencil” these new ones fall in that vein. I doubt that these will sell quite as well, but maybe I’m wrong! I know Lynn likes ’em and several kids in my art class liked them. So the more artistic eye may be drawn to these. I try to make my pods “buyable”, sweet, aestheically neutral so more of the general populous will pay for them. The ones with stencils are a bit more graphic looking, kinda sci-fi.
Also, I have entered a new realm of distraction, quite hesitantly I might add. I have decorated my boring diaper bag with a hip, detailed POD STENCIL!!
june 06 014.jpg
Yes, folks, the Lash Pods grace my bag and I have created a whole strip. If you like the way they look, maybe I can decorate something for you!


6 thoughts on “Tormented and Calm

  1. Dad

    Greg Baus is a person, not a denomination.
    I, too, have been fussing and fuming over Cov Coll bloggers about classical music and worship. Cov Coll will always have these reactionaries.
    I wonder what a charismatic reactionary is like. “If you can’t speak in tongues, you don’t know Jesus…”

  2. where’s your debate..I was trying to find it on his blog? so, I guess you might not be so keen on an OPC VBS huh? Sorry to hear about your argument.

  3. oh my. don’t give gb the satisfaction of tormenting you. and don’t worry, he told me my kid is going to grow up to “kick some pagan ass.” whatever that means. he loves pushing people’s buttons. and making them feel stupid.
    ps: i’m so glad i didn’t join that alum website! all i need in life is even more excuses to pick arguments with cc alums… 🙂

  4. Kim Peterson

    Hi Katie!
    (I meant to post a comment to this story, not “A piece of time.”)
    Who is GB?
    Just trying to get a final count for the reunion this weekend. Are you guys going to be able to make it?
    Hope to see you there!
    Kim Bevil Peterson

  5. Katie! I’ve been getting lots of vistors from your site. So, I thought I’d stop by, and offer some updates and qualifications.
    First of all, I am too a denomination.
    (just kidding).
    Second, I totally love and support your art! I’m all about loving and defending artists, and it kills me that I discouraged you in some way. I already apologized, but I still feel like I owe you a square mile of canvas… or something.
    Third, I didn’t berate you for not teaching your kids the Heidelberg! I’m a Westminster Catechism man myself. I just mentioned a specific Q&A from the HC as addressing our topic of discussion.
    Lastly, I totally did NOT say your art work would suffer if you didn’t study more. I just said that history enriches art. I know you believe that too.
    Well… if all your friends think I’m a jerk, I suppose I deserve it for discouraging you. But I totally didn’t mean to.

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