It can’t just stay on my hard drive!

I had a couple posts that had more meaning and thought, but I lost them both! So here is my photoshoot of my goodies from Papersource and Trader Joes.
may 06 329.jpg
may 06 323.jpg
Paper, cards and a stamp. One card says “How to eat a crow” I’m so dim, I had no idea what “eating crow” meant. derf. It’s a fun card to have anyway.
may 06 325.jpg
Ghandi card and bee paper close up
may 06 328.jpg
My simple K. it’s nice to have a repeating consanent in your name. They had a great rubber stamp collection but I couldn’t find one that just popped out at me. Except there was this newborn baby stamp that was really pretty. My friend Kate M teaches Bradley Method classes (when she has a moment) and we both stood there dreaming and scheming how to use this stamp for her classes. So I just bought it for her against all her protesting. “A good stamp can not go to waste! It will come in mighty handy!” I stated with great verve. Besides, I love Kate and we’ve missed them, and if I can contribute to Kate’s professional sucess and skills this is very small. It is a beautiful stamp and I’m sure Kate will find many uses for it. Empowering stay at home moms, one stamp at a time.
may 06 336.jpg
And from Trader Joes: my favorite pop up sponges and lavender dryer pouches. Mmmmm, makes my clothes smell soooo good. We snuck some Charles Shaw home too.
So many pretties, so little time. Off to meet Andrea today. Wheee!


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  1. you lucky girl you! all the cool things! how super special. i hope you girls have a wonderful time with one another. it’s the best i know from experience!!!

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