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Thursday is blue. we have a lot of blue at our house. 3 rooms in our house are blue, kinda by default. But we are all blue-eyed, I’m the greyest of the bunch. Everywhere I go I get “Look at those eyes!” because my two kids have Joel’s clear blues. Thanks Scandinavia. People forget my eyes are blue. I come from a family where I was the odd-ball. I was the only blue-eyed. I must say I love the deepness of dark brown eyes, eyes you can stare into and never see the bottom. But my blue eyed kids have a fresh spring water look to them that will never go away. Like those shallow pools you can see the bottom of. I love how they are contrasting with the orange in there hair. As Josiah sat in a room with about 35 other children at the library’s story time I looked at his little strawberry blonde head right in the middle and the part of me that always wants to be different and unusual was bursting with pride. How I love having kids you can spot at the playground just because of their hair color! I imagine it will fade, Eden’s may stick around a bit longer who knows. But as long as my trigger happy finger is snappin’ their youth up pixel by pixel I will remember the contrast. The blues and the oranges, they are permanent, no assembly required, a lifetime warranty.
All my hard work searching has paid off. I have found two things I’ve wanted forever at great prices, great condition and in ONE PLACE, just 15 minutes from my house! I got a Sit-N-Stand stroller and a bike trailor with stroller attachment, both for under $150!! The Sit-N-Stand is going to be a wonderful addition. Josiah knew just what to so with it when we tried it out. The trailor was a bit rough, much pushing and screaming for a bit, but once I got it moving all was well in the world! Rejoice with me! Now, let’s pray about that Previa….


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  1. I’m praying for your van. And I’ve got to say our sit & stand has been a never-look-back, raving success. Enjoy! Kiss those little red heads for us, too.

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