may 06 309.jpg
Wednesday was grey, so I’m playing catch up. This is the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. It was pretty quiet on Memorial Day weekend down there. It’s where the LA Symphony Orchestra performs the Aladdin theme song. Yeah, that’s all I can think of when I see an concert hall with Disney in the title. I’m sure they are very talented musicians that have much merit and play more than Disney theme songs. My love/hate relationship with Disney continues.
When you think of grey you think of dull, boring, cloudy. But this grey is shining, brilliant, polished steel. A thrilling grey, a natural raw beautiful grey. A silver that burns your retina to look at it. A grey that deserved a few photos.
Thanks for all your encouragement guys! Good to know that I’m not alone in all this blur. I’ll let everyone know when the butterfly onesies are in progress, I’m still cutting out the stencils.