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Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s in my life. To my bro in law Nate who is pretty new to dad-hood but beaming with pride. To Kirk who is enjoying Joanna’s personality more and more everyday as she gets into the super-fun part of being a baby.To my dad who crumbles to pieces around his kids and especially his grandkids. Thanks for being so soft Dad, you’re the greatest!
I was listening to Mara Davis on Dave FM the other day as she was doing her theme lunch thing about dads. She was talking about how cool it must be to have a rock star for a dad. “I mean, can you imagine how cool it must be!! A Rock Star DAD!!” Yeah, it’s cool. My dad isn’t Bono, or Steven Tyler or anything, but I can relate a tad. It’s different, it’s cool. Your dad doesn’t go to work he has “gigs”. He doesn’t wear a three piece suit, he wears a shiny crazy shirts and honkin’ huge black dress shoes. He gets invited to your school to talk and play. I mean, I have random memories that are strange and some that are awesome. But all in all now that dad is not a rock star, he’s a mentor, a worship-leader, a musician, an educator, I realize that he works hard for a cause that many leave behind and for that I know he is true not only to what God has called him to do, but for everyone who ever stood in awe of him. When you hear some random recording artist get up to accept there award and thank “The Fans” you think, are they really working for us? Well, I know my dad works for his fans, whether they appreciate it or not. I give my dad a lot of hell for working too much, but the thing is I didn’t marry a musician who works all the hours everyone else has off. I am very proud of all the things my dad has written, the arrangements he does every….single….Sunday, I know that he will die in his footsteps and for that I carry a torch, I’m like that too.
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This is the man I married! Joel, the greatest dad!

He broke into tears instantly when we took the pregnancy test for Josiah. He named his son before we knew it was a son. He admitted that he wanted a girl as we drove for the ultrasound for Eden and when we found out he was very happy and would whisper to my belly secret words just for her. He is happy that Eden is a cuddler because he knows he can cuddle with his daughter for the rest of her life and that’s OK. He is Josiah’s best playmate and still is the disciplinarian he needs to be. He is an important part of the team and without him our family (especially me) would not function. He’s an adventurer, a dreamer, an optimist, and he listens to God. We all need him and I never can get him a gift that will thank him for all that he is, but I got him some Six Flags tickets anyway. Happy Father’s Day Papa, we love you!


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  1. hfd joel!!! you are a fantastic dad! and kate i got your message and i think that gift is a fabulous one!!! you did a good job! i love the pkg and can’t wait to see you soon.

  2. Hi Katie. I’m just checking in with my blogfriends who have great husbands to wish the guys a belated happy father’s day! You and your husband sound like an amazing couple who put God in the center of your lives. I hope you all have fun at Six Flags!

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