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They’re $1 a piece and everyone in my family eats them. Now that’s a big deal! Creamy, cool, slimy and perfect with a little salt on top and maybe some lemon juice. Eat ’em right outta the skin with a spoon. When I have time they become guacamole, but I usually don’t have time. As I bundled myself together to take my parents to the airport this afternoon I was putting out little fires. Leaving for a 45 minute drive at the beginning of naptime is something that only happens in special circumstances. My mom watching me make my kids share, and gathering things together said, “Kate, how do you get anything done”. Yeah, how do I get anything done? I get things done when I can, because these days that my kids are small and I have a smidge of youth myself, I’ll get the things done that are required and the things that bring joy. I do need the kick in the pants to get some art projects done, cuz I’m sure you guys are getting bored with the thematic entries.