White Cars

june 06 124.jpg
I had a plan for this shirt and then it got a little screwed up (the lettering on the front) and now I’m not quite sure. So many little boys. There’s Ezra, Ellis, Jack, all the Perkins, the two Gienapps (well, it’s too small for Damien), Caleb, I mean I’m sure I’m missing some other little boys that could fit into a 24 month tee. It’s just not quite right to sell. I guess I need to come up with a plan….
More t-shirt pics and stencil pics here
But for color theme insanity here’s to white:
june 06 130.jpg
june 06 129.jpg
june 06 132.jpg
We got it for a great price and have taken it in for a check up, but so far we’re happy with our decision. I’m a little nervous that something will be wrong when we get the “post-buy” report but still. When I remember that some people spend 25K for a car I’m glad mine was a tiny fraction of that. I’m glad we can OWN it today.


6 thoughts on “White Cars

  1. Laurie

    That last shot is the best with your glowing reflecting in the window. Congrats, Katie! God is good!!!

  2. i’m a dork kt re:freezer paper stencil how to? do you iron the shiny side or the matte side down? i have off this weekend and must finish a load of projects, including the stencil you sent…i really like the car t and doubt anyone would disagree. it’s so colorful and nice. continued prayers for you and the k.fam re: the move, the van, the house, the job potential, and life ingeneral. don’t give up! don’t quit! we’re all supporting you. love

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