june 06 160.jpg
On day 3 of the shovelling my hands are blistered and sore. I am getting kinda fond of getting dirty and sweating and then taking my dirty brown self up to my bright white room and taking a luke warm shower and feeling refreshed.
And just when I thought I was in a valley of sorts as far as painting, I picked up my brush and put a good couple layers on a comission. It’s lookin’ pretty neato, even Joel thinks so. I’m not sure if the folks who are paying for this painting ever check my blog, so I’ll just post a detail cuz it’s a surprise:
june 06 161.jpg
Pretty trippy!


One thought on “Weathered

  1. jen kring

    yo kate… very cool weathered pic! i love the yellow antiqued look you got goin on. i have been keeping up with what all you guys have been up to… the vaca, the van, the move, and more and more. i can’t wait to see you guys in chatty town… will make me soo happy!!! i’ll be prayin for you guys…i know how hard it seems when you feel like your fam is leaping into the air with seemingly no net to catch you below. god is faithful and will provide… smiles to all you knuties!! miss yas

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