As for me and my house…

what we’ve been doing
That verse just keeps popping up in my head as we plug away at the chores of making this house more restored. It is fascinating though, as we start again after 2 years of living here, to work on it how things come up, things that I wonder would have happened at all if we were not working on the house.
Now I really don’t care how spiritual you are about things. But I believe that there are things from God that cover, protect, bless your life and then there are things from the Enemy, the ruler of this world, that make things break, make things sick, make things happen. Cuz after all as Jesus said (in so many words), “In this world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world” and then there’s “He that is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. These things go through my head when something breaks, gets sick, etc.
We found some great guys to come and restore our deck. I love that word “Restore”. It kinda means, I mean in the deck-fixing business, that your deck is bad, but not bad enough to be destroyed. To restore it means to give it another chance, to repair so it can continue to exist, continue to bring joy. So now our deck is restored and we have the safety and joy of a deck on our house!
july 06 121.jpg
When the workers were done, all of a sudden my dryer stopped working. Now, I dunno if what they did with the porch lights had anything to do with the dryer not working, but the guy who was in charge said that the switch they turned off was not the one hooked up to the dryer, and the outlet the dryer was plugged into had a charge, in fact the guy personally shocked himself a few times trying to reset the outlet. So I guess we’ll try to call an electrician. *sigh*.
And as Joel and I rested last night I heard some scuffling sounds coming from our chimney, who knows what that is. We have a chimney guy coming next week. I hope it’s just water, or maybe just waterbugs (which I am too familiar) I guess those creepy suckers are big enough to hear scratching.
Our new Previa is quite a blessing, costing us only 3500 but has had to need about 800 bucks repair, it will need new tires and the sliding door has seen too many swings. BUT it is a blessing and will run run run all the day long!
Our printer has decided not to work as well, it’ll just take some trouble-shooting and new, non-generic cartridges. Maybe a call to HP.
I believe that speaking positively is the way to live. I have not been known to be a positive person most of my life (and Joel will testify to that). I am learning that the words of my mouth are more than important, they are life altering. If I speak good things about my house, my property, my children, God will honor my words. The blessings I speak over what I have authority over will be stored up and will happen. I believe that. It increases my faith.
When I clean Joel’s office on the weekends I have started listening to sermons. Usually ones from Trinity Vineyard, I really like Kris’ preaching style. They are having a Spiritual Disciplines course right now and it’s awesome to hear how our physical actions are not just physical but spiritual as well. Our words, our loving actions, the way our bodies were made are all spiritual as well as physical. They give praise to our God and glory to what we are, in His image. This isn’t news to me as I work on this house, change diapers, wipe noses, cook food, make art, even type on my computer, these acts are influencing my relationship with the Holy Spirit. Cleaning my house shows I care for it. Loved things ooze love! My kids are the tested example. If I tend to my children, and their every need these acts give glory to God. Even if my mind is sour, my loving faithful hands give glory. Interesting to think about. It’s still sinking into me.
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So if you think of me, pray for my house. It’s a part of me still as I work on it. Pray for my laundry, hey at least it’s the dryer and not the washer!! Close line here I come!


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  1. great post katie. i often think about how the little “non-important” things in my day to day life (like changing diapers, sitting on the side of the tub while my daughter tries to go to the bathroom like a big girl, washing dishes, vaccuuming,sewing….) bring glory to God. My attitude about them, how well I do them all reflect my relationship with Him. My home, my children, the happiness and health of my family are all a reflection and a testimony to God and the glory due Him. thanks for this great post.

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