Good is the Enemy of the Best

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I don’t feel like I’m in a bad place, I’m in a good place, but I want to be someplace better.

For many years now I have loved to gobble up morsles from Graham Cooke, a great teacher. He talks about God, ho he is, how he speaks to us. He wrote a book about the prophetic gifting, how to use it, most importantly what the Bible says about it. If you’re interested in the prophetic and don’t know much about it, I highly recommend his book. Graham is highly entertaining, has wonderful stories of how God works, and best of all he’s from the UK so his witty phrases and accent make everything sound better. One phrase he uses quite often is “Good is the enemy of the Best”. Most of the time we settle for what turns out to be good, not the best. The Best is that thing that God has shown us about our life, our purpose. Now whether you’ve heard it just in your heart and spirit or whether you’ve had counsel from mentors, teachers, friends or parents, or if you’ve had someone with a known prophetic gifting give you a word during a ministry time or conference, that promise is from God and it is the Best thing.
I know that’s a meaty statement, but I felt things since I was an active Christian that I want to accomplish in this world. At first they were selfish, so I denied the fact that they needed to be one at all. Then, I realized that they could be accomplished because God needed me, a spirit filled Christian, to do something for him. It means that I have to work beyond my physical situation, my circumstances. So as I think about the future, and deal with the present I can’t help but remember what I have been promised.
I want to encourage anyone out there who needs to remember their promises. Look past your circumstances, take a deep breath, and know that God, the God of the universe will always care for you and has a plan for you. He wants you to remember. Spend some time listening to Him. He wants you to keep going.