The Big Blue

july 06 186.jpg
Our house is getting painted! Yeah! Our chimney is getting fixed! The hole in the side of our garage is gone! My front door is a bright shiny new red. YEAH!
july 06 198.jpg
july 06 192.jpg
As we pay for people to come and fix what has long needed care, we just kick ourselves that we didn’t do this sooner. What a rush it is to see your house that is your baby, the house you have tended and mended to the best of your ability fully restored by trained professionals. We found good people to paint. They are not the cheapest, but with the cheapest, you get cheap work. This family owned company is clean, quick, friendly and very caring about our situation. I’ve only taken a few pictures of the out side, when they’re done I’ll post some more details. I don’t want to get in anyone’s way this morning. Steve Brockman, the owner and operator hobbles around my house on his bad knee and bonds with me talking about when his girls were small and how parenting is hard. He asks me about my art and tells his men that I’m an artist and I know my colors. Well, Steve, my artistic skill didn’t go into the decision for this house’s colors. He’s a dad type, so he gave us some great price breaks and drove out of his way to match the siding that needed replacing. He has good carpenters that fix stuff in a split second it seems. I just know I’ll turn around and they’ll be done!
Our chimney on the inside is A-OK!! We could have been having big roaring fires in this house we just always thought it wasn’t smart, seeing that the house was abandoned for up to 2 years before we bought it. There was no evidence of little Fifi, the bat, he must have found a better home. Good luck Fifi! May your new home annoy the next person to have their chimney inspected!