Self Portrait Tuesday

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tootsies, originally uploaded by katiek2.

July’s theme is “Me As…”

This is Me As Non-Skid. We spent a long lovely day with goodfriends splashing in the newest Chattanooga wonder The Passage. I highly recommend this adventure, especially for little ones. Eden and Josiah had a blast! And if I had been wearing less, I would have been wet too! Check out the whole set on my flickr.

Here’s my WIP. I’ve been enjoying my mom’s Bernina and whipped up some baby shoes. They just need some embellishment. I also am trying a new design by Heather Bailey. Her pattern is also free and a little more unisex!
baby shoes.bmp


3 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. jen kring

    kate a kate… it was so good to see you and kiddos this weekend!!! sorry we had to depart so quick after church… lavender had a melt down and josh was more than ready to take off…. ug – nevertheless it is fun to see all your chattown pics on flickr! i will get mine up on my blogger really soon (hopefully) – i have some great pics of jos and eden. so cute. hope all is well with the house. prayin for a speedy renovation for you guys. tell joely hi – jen

  2. you were incredibly productive this past weekend! did you get any sleep at all? nonetheless, being with you guys was worth more than a million trillion this past weekend! thanks for making your way up. i’m glad we got time to talk and i’m gathering a list of your prayer requests, i heard them. tell joel and yourself to keep your minds on god’s perfect plan! love you guys!

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