What have I been doing?

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I’ve been cleaning and organizing. Purging and purging. Making a trip to the thrift store to get rid of stuff, and going to Walmart to get more stuff for the beach. I mean who knew that all the swimmie arm floats would be gone by the end of July? I guess I’m not in the “Back to School” groove anymore. I have had a mental datebook and checklist going on for the past week, or ever since I got back from Chattanooga.
Get tires for the Prev, check. Freecycle stroller, baby back pack, ceramic tile, baby gate, jewelry stands…check. Clean…entire…house for real estate agent meeting, ohhhhh check. But let me tell you I had some happy finds in all my cleaning ventures. First of all, my fellow mommy and library goer Tracie blessed me with a super find. She happened to go into a random Marietta Closeout and found this wonderful lavender surface spray from The Good Home. It Rocks! I mean you have to like lavender oil thats the catch I guess, but it’s not like this fake lavender smell, its the real deal. It doesn’t feel alcohol based at all, it’s smooth and the scent lasts a long time. It made cleaning a lot of nastiness so much better. Another great find was the Kroger version of those Mr. Clean Eraser Pads. I mean, these things must have been a reject from some NASA project because they contain no cleaner yet they remove any mark off my walls! Sweet. Crayon, pencil, ladybug trails, chair scuff marks, shoe sole dings, I was erasing kid marks with glee!
My children have not had a fun week, but they were troopers and were mostly kind to me. Although going through Walmart more than once this week is enough to make any kid freak out in any kinda way. They will be graciously rewarded with beach and pool and cherries and hamburgers straight from the grill. Shovelling and splashing, fireworks and bike rides. Relatives, elevators, board walks and a kiddie music show. The Beach THE BEACH! We are all ready to hit the road. Now, all that’s left is packing and….oh yeah RYAN ADAMS! It’s worth the wait for the beach to have a date, a concert none the less! With all the business I have had less than 24 hours to let it sink in. But I truly feel that I deserve it.
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Met with a real estate agent today and it was Ok. There are the obvious points like, the stain on our ceiling and our screen porch. Then there are the no ways, like the fact that our kitchen is “dated”. Ya know, that’s just not something we can do anything about. And the ‘what the hecks’, like our garage. She suggested we leave it alone, cuz even she was stumped. But we’ll need serious prayer. Its a slow season this summer, interest rates are up, we’re zoned for a bad school. Our house is priced at 160K or a little less. One around the block with a very similar floorplan sold quickly for 164,9 so we can hope. But what we have that no market has is that God is with us and will sell our house for us. Obviously we need to pray and have faith that no matter what we’ll be ok. I mean, we can afford this house. Our family needs to persue Joel’s career more fully and we feel the move is on. Our hearts have moved on already. So put us on your prayer list. God, sell this house!!


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  1. we just put our house in Wisconsin on the market…we had to move before selling it….so I hear you on all the ‘stuff’ that goes with selling a house…praying that yours sells quickly, too!

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