Slow Motion

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Ryan Adams show at the Tabernacle
We’re soaking up sun and chlorine in Hilton Head. We usually leave for HH on Saturday, but instead we stayed and hired a sitter and went to a concert. It was quite enjoyable although our ears were ringing more than we’d like. Too much treble, yikes! Amy and Josh came from their grunt jobs at Cov and cat came an joined us as well. We luckily sold the last three tickets thanks to craigslist. What was life like before craigslist?? It was also cool to get together with Chris and Ann Ammons after the show. Our poor sitter stayed until 3am. Is that a major no-no? I mean, we called her before we went out for drinks, and we totally made it worth her while.
Unfortunately for our beach trip, I dropped my camera on the floor of the ladies room at the concert. It’s flashing E18. We do have a warranty with Office Depot, but I did drop it. We’ll see. Joel seems to think that these places don’t care and they’ll just give me a new camera. It is an older model. I’ll be ecstatic if that happens! If not, I’m saving up for a Nikon D50. It’s not like I need a lot more pictures of Hilton Head. The scenery does not change. And Josiah doesn’t look that different from last year, except he’s mastered the arm swimmies. Yes! I can take the 17 dollar life vest back! I’m enjoying trying my creative hand with my Pentax k1000. It’s a tank and it takes great pics, even with the light meter broken. There’s something beautiful about film.


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  1. Ooooo, we saw Ryan Adams the last time he was in town and we almost went this time too but decided not to splurge. The time we saw him is on my top 5 concerts of all time.

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