Back to the Film

aug 06 03.jpg
I got two rolls of film back from the 1 hour today as I strolled around a Mall. Yes, a beach mall. It had no Starbucks, but the Piggly Wiggly did. It was nice to see some beautiful pictures from Santa Barbara as well. Josiah saw those pics and said “It was cold!” It was, unlike here.
I’d like to thank the little blogworld I’m part of for the props. Thanks to Gypsy for her entire post dedicated to some of her favorite kwk’s in the midst of her culture shock. Thanks to Kirk, the employee of NCF St Louis, for using my latest piece. And thanks to the Cubicle Reverand for finding me and posting his thoughts on my work. Thanks everyone, I love the free publicity anyone out there feel free to write me and ask if you want to post work. Of course, Gypsy and Kirk you’re family and patrons, no need.


One thought on “Back to the Film

  1. Found it ironic Cube Rev chose so many pods to display seeing as how these started as your “sellible” pieces. They’re not the ones I think of when I think of a KWK. I usually think of the Faroes, the Season and, of course, Lifeblood.

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