To Balance the Greatness

Since I’m back to the slow pace of film and the Pentax K1000 I am blatantly stealing pictures from my friends. Cat took this shot and Jen took the last one. thanks ladies, what would I do if other people didn’t think my kids were worth photographing.
Yeah, so I dropped my Canon A400 on the floor of the ladies room at Ryan Adams. I have some sort of warranty from Office Depot but I”m thinking that they won’t really approve a repair for a dropped camera. Jen asked, “If they asked you if you dropped it will you tell them you did?” Hmmmm, probably because I suck at lying. And that would be wrong I guess.
I finished up the tiny little blurbs on my Bird Pod. I just need to get a frame for it. I think I’m gonna go silver because black and wooden just don’t work really. I’ve had so much interest in it maybe I should do ebay. *snerksnerk*
Sometimes my beloved husband comes home during a time of stressful spirit and sighs. After much prodding he admits, as kindly as possible, that he wonders what I do all day. Like, do I sit in front of this glowing screen and let the little ones tank up on PBSkids all morning until my boredom and body odor take over. Believe me, that’s not an impossibility. It is a challenge moms, especially those of us that don’t have a permanent schedule, to write down your day as it happens. Not to count every diaper change, disciplining pause, phone call, and quick clean, but to write down the time consuming stuff. I did this yesterday and I realized that my 14 hour shift went full force and left me with a partial migraine. But the schedule made me keep going. I had much to do. Today, I am taking it easier because I am at a balancing point. Fires have been temporarily put out, laundry must be done, art must be made. Journalling is so important, which is what this blogging world has become. A public journal.
how big.jpg
This week began with the adrenaline of clearing out the garage. “Our garage ceiling is falling!” cries Chicken Little. And he would be right. We thought the only option would be to tear the sucker down. As fun as destruction sounds, it is not always the best way to go when you want your garage to look sound, clean, useable. I called our plumber, who is well trusted, and asked for a name of someone who could finish our screen porch and give us advice on our garage ceiling. Yesterday I got a name. Check. I think that fixing the holes is better than tearing the ceiling down. If Mark-the-Fix-it-Guy can repair our ceiling so it will look happy, and dependable that’s all right with me. So I am at the balancing point of not clearing out the garage.
Laundry must be done so I’m not painting the laundry room. I could/should paint the mailbox stand and get plants. Maybe tommorow. But today I have found the balance. I have clean clothes, and dinner. I have happy kids and have taken a huge bite out of my credit card bill. I have started some art and have a phone appointment with Mark-the-Fix-It-Guy.
If you want to read my 8-6 schedule for yesterday read on .

Monday August 14
7:45 wake up
8:00 kids breakfast
8:30 clean up kids breakfast
8:40 eat my breakfast, look over bills
9:00 Eden nap
9:10 finish breakfast, check email
9:45 shower
10:15 Mama and Jos dressed
10:30 everybody in the car and out the driveway
12:45 lunch-kids, bills/groceries
1:10 kids play, mama gets thrift store stuff out
2:30 back from thrift store
3:05 Kids in bed, lunch for mama
4:00 work on garage: paintings, bikes, call Van, write AndyP
5:00 start dinner
5:15 Eden wakes up
5:30 Josiah wakes up
6:15 Joel gets home
I stopped here because that’s all Joel needed to know 🙂


4 thoughts on “To Balance the Greatness

  1. Thanks for writing this! Your day looks a lot like mine…on a good day. 😛 I feel like I never get anything done, but I’m busy all day! Sometimes I just wish I had a 9-5 job or a syllabus or SOME outside structure imposed on me. Staying at home with le bebe is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

  2. I hear you on this one, especially at this moment. Dan will be home in half an hour, the house is still pretty cluttered, but I’ve probably done eight! loads of laundry, folded and put them away. We’ve made and cleaned up messes that actually make the house look pretty darn tidy right about now….not that he demands a spotless house and dinner on the table, but you know, I feel a little guilty when he comes home to a messy place–that “what did you do all day” feeling, self-inflicted, really.
    So, anyway, I’m feeling you on this one. And I always love seeing the breakdown of your day. its comforting in some strange way!!

  3. kt,
    i loved your list for joel. everyday when micah gets home he asks what i did from the moment i woke up. (i am at home painting this summer… i get very distracted) he says i he’s just interested in my day, and i believe him, but sometimes i find myself searching really hard for important things to tell him.
    i thought i read you guys were moving/or have moved to chattanooga. am i right?

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