SPT enclosed spaces

josiah catch.jpg
Another awesome pic from the phantom cat.
I’m lucky these days to join any of my little themed days. And since SPC has gotten harder (at least for me it has) I just don’t always have the stamina. I thought this photo was absolutely awesome!! I want to say thank yous a million to my friends who shot so many pics that I never get to because I’m the one leaning a quarter of the way down the kiddie slide grabbing Eden’s arm so she won’t fly full speed down the big kid slide. And this time it was especially great because the slide was extra slick and I asked Josiah to stand at the bottom and catch her. Her shoes ended up slowing her down quite a bit, but Josiah did his job and gave her a big brother lift from the end of the slide to the ground. Special times. There are many other pics that Cat took at the Botanical Gardens of the kids having a blastola. Check them out!


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