SPC-enclosed places

aug 06 064.jpg
I’ve been on Office Depot’s case about my broken camera and so-called extended warranty. Turns our they really didn’t want to go throught the hassle so they gave me credit of the price of my old camera for a new one! I didn’t get the Nikon I want, but I got a new Nikon! It has this fun mosiac shot thing that I thought fit well with the SPC this month. I’ve started a set on flickr of my other funny mosaics. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “SPC-enclosed places

  1. Hey JLG beat me to saying, “I love the Mosiac of Eden.” Girl 2 is just adorable. That’s a fun option on the camera.
    Enjoyed looking again at your wonderful pictures. Your painting _Juden_ is beautiful.

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