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Well, I think it’s finished. I might do a little masking here an there. The word “trust” is a tad too dark for me, so we’ll see. One week man, that’s fast. Thats the perk (one of the only perks) of acrylics. I still don’t have a title. I will have to go and read the Bible verses that I read for the stencils and think of one. “Juden” is good enough if nothing strikes me, I mean, it is him!
Thanks again for all your support on this piece. I look forward to dialogueing with some of you about this piece. I had a good talk with Cat last night about it, but I’m always interested in why people like it. Cat’s take was that it reflects so much relevence to the viewers life and much new art these days is doing the same thing. Elevating the everyday, the urban, etc.
I will have this piece in two shows before Christmas, after that it will probably be sold as a few people have asked me about it. If that’s you please continue to contact me. I have the option of getting a giclee (fine art print) that would be more affordable, but it takes time. It’s a pretty cool process, its on canvas and everything. I put texture back into it and it’s gorgeous! Check my flickr for more detailed pics of this piece.
I’ll be up in Chattanooga this weekend to hop with all the galleries. Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Complete

  1. jen k

    really looks nice, kate. I like the finishing touches. I think it’s definately done. Good work!
    Can’t wait to hop hop with you!
    love and smooches!

  2. cool! very nice. and wow, a week! must feel so good. fyi, “be still” is proudly hanging above the mantle in our new home (or at least it will be soon). if we happen to install gas logs by winter, will that be a problem for the painting?

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