My Latest Painting

sept 06 183.jpg
There’s my porch door. Very Conceptual brick red.
sept 06 184.jpg
This is my screen porch, it’s a gaudy blue color, I thought I’d get good shock value. Repulsion from the more artistically inclined.
sept 06 186.jpg
And this is my bathroom, kinda a work in progress still. The paint isn’t covering as well as I like. It’s pretty dern hot in that bathroom because of the light fixture I chose, whew!
sept 06 192.jpg
And let me introduce you to my new camera! The Nikon CoolPix L2 was a mistake. All the indoor pics, no matter how I messed with the settings, always were orange! Not acceptable. It hadn’t been 30 days yet and the lens jammed! So bye-bye! The Office Depot that offered assistance with my last Powershot was not very helpful and had very little selection. So since I had the receipt for the new camera’s exchange etc. I went to a different Office Dept and they had the Powershot I wanted. I can’t figure out how to get the pictures a little smaller though. My memory card gets used up quick! But this $280 camera cost me half as much because of Office Depot’s screwing protection plan, whatever. I finally have an upgrade!


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