In the air

sept 06 163.jpg
Wow, I’ve started to post like four times this weekend and just haven’t finished. Haven’t compiled thoughts enough. And something tells me I won’t have much energy to post much now, but…
I must say that the air these days is just beautiful. The fall, I love it. It’s the time around my birthday, it’s when your jackets and hoodies comeout. It’s when you want to be outoors again after an August of dog days. I love that it’s raining again. I love it because when the weather is cooler I can work on the house and not drown in my own juices. I have done my share of painting, scraping, cleaning, boxing, lugging, you name it. I hope that we can call our real estate agent real soon. There’s a cute little St. Elmo house that has a great price!
sept 06 178.jpg
I’ll muster up more to write tommorow. I hope you’re weekends were as satisfyingly exhausting as mine and free of e-coli spinach!