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So I’ve been talking about my ‘shows’ coming up but I haven’t given any specs. Here’s some info. October 1-28 I’ll have a bunch of my work at Radial Cafe. The opening is October 7th 7-9pm. If you’re around downtown ATL come on and join us!!
Legacy Fest is in Cartersville GA and they are having a Patron Show this year. I have been in the fest the past two years but this year I just didn’t have the strength. I mean, two full days at a festival is exhausting not just for me, but for Joel and the kiddies (and Cat since she came faithfully to help). So the Patron Show is a great option. I have my most recent works “Juden” and “Celebrate Beauty” in that show.
November 2-17 I have a show at Shorter College. The opening is the 2nd at 5pm and I’ll be speaking (eek). I’ll have as many pieces that are still around and maybe a couple new ones!
MOCA GA’s Pin-Up Show is this week I don’t know if I will make it for that, but it’s always fun. I’d hafta get a sitter for the drop-off and the opening.
And I got a call from AVA’s Hayley Kyle cuz I applied for the gallery assistant position. I didn’t get to talk to her, but I know it’s 25 hrs a week. I have no idea how I would pull that off, and beyond that, I have no idea how I will be able to leave my kids 5 days a week for 5 hours straight. That’s sounds lame but what else do I know? I’ve been at home for my kids since Josiah was in utero. Strange feeling, I’m asking God to make stuff a little clearer for me. 25 hrs a week does not sound like much, but it’s almost all of their active time and I just can’t fathom depending on someone else to enforce the discipline and relatively good eating habits that we try to maintain. And I will miss them terribly! Joel wants me to go for it because it’s so key to getting where I need to go for my art. Talk about a foot in the door! But is the pay enough? There are no benefits (and Starbucks would have part-time benefit options). But again, I need to ask God what to do and how much to commit to. I might need to do some serious reflection to overcome my “feelings” and do what God requires of me most.
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AVA also has an event called “Eye Candy” the whole month of December and I’ll probably put “the Season” and “Lioness” in that show. They are both pretty well liked and I’d love them to be purchased! Gotts to get that app in the mail by next week.
Check out my website for more events and info or if you’ve never seen my art before.


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  1. jen k

    kate… I’m soo excited about the AVA position for you!!! I know, I know… This would be such a sacrifice on the kid front and all, but WOW, how cool of an opportunity! a very exciting possiblity!
    good luck prepin’ for all the shows and the house too!
    buzz buzz, busy bee!

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