SPC-with someone

sept 06 279.jpg
Here I am with my two girls. Eden the painting, and Eden my girl. I have been longing to work on the painting summore, but time has not allowed me. I will need to get hoppin’ on it since I want it in the Shorter show in about a month.
sept 06 281.jpg
More critters to love
sept 06 295.jpg
I little green bird showed no fear when my Josiah went up to him and started to pet him!! Crazy! Of course I sent him to wash his hands good.
sept 06 294.jpg
Before I could come out with some birdseed he flew off, leaving my kids to watch the apple tree across the yard.
sept 06 297.jpg


5 thoughts on “SPC-with someone

  1. Erin

    Thanks for the little note; it was much appreciated. Maybe sometime soon I’ll get around to actually taking a photo of my latest finished painting. I’m terrible about that.
    A presto

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