TILT: Blasts from the Past!

sept 06 331.jpg
I always get the mail with a little flutter in my tummy these days. I hope that I get an invite for an awesome arts opp, or a card from one of my bestest friends, a loving pratical something from Mom, or a check in the mail that God just wanted to send us to pay off the debt we’re in because of our loved, lived in home. Anywho, today was one of those days that I found something unexpected. It wasn’t a check (bummer) but it was something that made me grin real big and it’s just for me, not for Joel, not for the kids, just me. Hmmmm. My fourth grade teacher has recently spent alot of time with my parents, maybe in the same small group, I dunno. But every time I’d run into her at my parents church, or most recently at my show at Hollis last year she’d tell me that she still keeps my drawings for examples for her class. She has just recently retired and she sent me two of my drawings from fourth grade!! What the heck! Thanks Mrs. Fitzgerald! One was a cat sitting at a window made out of yarn. I don’t remember making that one at all. The second was musical notes composed of my name. I do remember doing that one and with so much precision. With those skinny little Crayola markers that felt almost as cool as pens. Fun mail. I love it. I love sending it to when I have any….spare….time.