The Market

I hope that all of you had a more interesting weekend than we did. I don’t think I get great parenting points these past couple days as Joel and I have been working like mad to get the last few things done on the House. We met with our real estate agent this afternoon and we now are on the market!!
oct 06 012.jpg
It’s very scary, it’s like getting engaged when you don’t really want to be married. It’s kinda awesome that your life has changed so suddenly but at the same time you’re scared that everything…has…changed. For me the hardest part (so far) is keeping my house clean and uncluttered for people to come. Now Joel wants me to be optimistic all the time and never say peep about what might not happen or if things are long and drawn out. I mean I do believe in every ounce of my soul that God will sell this house. It is unlikely that a ton of people are going to come. Unlike some lucky folks, houses in our area are more like 3 months or longer. Because our garage is a closed in unusable bleah we’re pricing our house below 160K. This was kinda a bummer for me. I had so set my mind on 160K. We’re in a bad high school district. And we aren’t around the corner from a brand new 700’s housing development of McMansions. 155K is a lot more than we paid, but we paid it with our sweat and our aching muscles. So enough about that. I’m praying that this process goes smoothly and I don’t have too much trouble getting myself and the kiddies out for buyers to mosie about. In the back of my mind I’m hoping our sweet neighbors have some more Katrina refugee family members that need a home. We’ll see, God’s good.
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I am so tired. I have been wearing a uniform of jeans and tennies for over a week now because my poor veins (thanks Mom) in my legs cry out in pain with all the truckin around I’m doing. But my house is so clean because I’ve been working. I’ve been packing, my garage is a quarter full of boxes. I’m wondering if I’ll fill the whole thing. I cleaned it, swept up insect parts and sawdust. Filled bag after bag with garbage and I put a bunch of stuff on freecycle. I washed my floors until 1am. Got up and cleaned more. Then after all that, I went to Joel’s office and cleaned until about 11pm.
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I long to do fun things like drive up to Chattanooga for my birthday. I’m going to be 30 in about 2 weeks. Less than 2 weeks. More than anything I’d love my birthday present to be a sold house. We’ll see!! I’d love to move into this one. I mean this house rocks! My easel with unfinished Eden begs me to paint on it. How can I be a neat-freak? It’s in me but not enough to last. I have to believe that grace will be given me and the mess will stay at bay. But I also long to make a mess! Paint and rags and paper. Masking tape and play dough. Flour and bananas, flour and zuchini, and then there’s the can of pumpkin I bought today. Sorry J-nette I’m not up for the real thing. I am a mess maker. I’m not a neat freak. I love cleanliness, don’t get me wrong. I love the feel of steam when I open the dishwasher. I love folding clean laundry. I love the smell of Murphy’s oil soap. It’s all the things I don’t like doing that make it hard to like clean.
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I wonder if I can justify taking a nap today. It feels good to see so much progress. The little progressions that we needed to take. Now I want to crawl into my made bed and go to sleeeeeep.


6 thoughts on “The Market

  1. i really hope you get the nap you want, the nap you need and the house you love so much. i am behind you in prayer and with 100% of my support. god has been so good to us when we needed homes to live in before and i think he is going to sell your house for you before you know it. your hard work has paid off because your home is amazing looking! from living room to kitchen to josiah&eden’s room, each space a delight! i’m so proud of you kate, god is being glorified through you in such specific ways. i love you so much!

  2. Yeah I got that nap on my made bed but it was with Josiah still up and poking me “mama read this book!” He was tired too. We shoulda had a mother-son snuggle nap.

  3. Kate, the house looks A M A Z I N G!!! Good job, girl… I know what all that has taken outta you and Joely. God WILL sell your house and reveal your new path home to chatty chatty. smile. so glad that we are getting our friends back… for however long you will be here.
    i so love you knuters! can’t wait till we can all play together whenever we want.
    and kate, thanks ever so much for the use of your tent. one bridge was a smashing success for me. so thankful!

  4. Terrie Simmons

    Hi Katie! The house you’re looking at is right around the corner from us. This neighborhood has been through rough times but everyone is working hard to see it do better. It really has come a long way in a few short years! I’m sure you guys would love it.

  5. I am SO PROUD of you, Kate! The house looks awesome! I know how much work that took. I can’t wait to see what God does with all this. You & your fam’s been on my mind so much lately. I’ll be praying for your legs, for your fears, for the job in Chatty & FOR YOUR HOUSE(s). love

  6. Hope you sell your house soon ! 🙂 It looks like a very comfty home to live in ! I absolutely love those shirts with the dots too, I’m pretty sure it’s in my favorites list on etsy. { Happy 30th ! } Wow, the things we know about people we don’t

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